Bringing you fantastic Films in Amazing Locations!
Bringing you fantastic Films in Amazing Locations!

The Revenant (No Spoiler Review)

Amongst the group is Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) Glass is an expert, non military, tracker and knows the land better than any other Non Native. When Glass is attacked and horrificly mauled by a Grizzly Bear, 2 members of the group agree to stay behind with Glass as the rest of the group make their way back to the Fort for help. But when Glass is betrayed and left for dead, he must endure unbelievable hardships to try and wreak his revenge on the men that left him to die.
The Revenant is Directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu who’s last film was the fantastic, Birdman. Filmed in Canada, to replicate the harsh winters of South Dakota, the cinematography is nothing short of breathtaking. If you’ve taken your coat off when you go in to the cinema you’ll want to be putting it back on again!
Tom Hardy supports Leo, and plays the reason for Glass’ revenge. And he only adds to his acting stock in this role, and through his actions creates a character that would drive anyone to enact punishment on the perpetrator.
But all the talk will be about Leo, and his performance in this epic and truly intense role. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see the lengths that DiCaprio went to in bringing this character to the screen. I don’t think this is his best performance in a film, I can think of a few where he delivered more in a different way, and to me there are better acting performances. Inception, Django and The Departed all offer up Leo in roles that I think show more of his pure acting talent, but The Revenant shows how much of his physical and mental capcity he is willing to devote to his art. And this, and the lack of competition this year, is why he deserves the plaudits that will rightly come his way. The true winner in this film is the beautiful and deadly landscape, snow and ice never looked so enticing. But all the talk will be about, ‘will he or won’t he win that little Gold statuette?’

4 and 1/2 pelts out of 5

Cert 15
156 Minutes

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