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Bringing you fantastic Films in Amazing Locations!

The Hateful Eight – Review

Daisy is a murderer, with a price on her head, and Ruth is going to collect and watch her hang. As his Stage Coach, makes its way through the harsh Wyoming Winter, they pick up 2 men, desperate to get out of the blizzard, and themselves, get to Red Rock for different reasons. When the blizzard catches up with them, they stop off at Minnie’s Habadashery, to wait out the storm. Whilst at Minnie’s, they encounter some more travellers, and start to realise that they may not all make it to Red Rock.
Prepare yourself, this film is over 3 Hours long, and unless you’re going to a special screening, there’s no intermission! Anybody that knows anything about Mr Tarentino (this is his 8th Film) knows that he is the World’s biggest Film geek and perfectionist. The Hateful Eight, is a Western, one of Tarentino’s favourite genres, although this film could have been a stage play, with the vast majority of the Film occuring in the close quarters of one room.
As per all Tarentino films, he relies on a small core of tried and trusted actors along with a newbie or 2. This time, Jenifer Jason Leigh is the newbie, and as per usual, Quentin pulls an ace out the deck, as she fits into the group like a glove.
I’ve read a lot of reviews where critics are saying that there is a great 1:30/2 Hour film inside this 3 Hour plus Wooly Mammoth, and on the one hand I do tend to agree. But if you are a true Tarentino fan, I don’t think you will. Where fat could be trimmed, are the places where his perfectionism is at its height, the long shots of beautiful snow swept vistas set against that unmistakable Spaghetti Western score. The backwards story telling, that Tarentino has exploited on numerous occasions. And the almost over the top graphicness of the kill shots (letting you know that someone dies in a Tarentino film, is not a spoiler by the way!) are all there, and done to ‘n’th degree. If you don’t like these things because they make the film longer, don’t watch a Tarentino film, because they’re always there!
I love Tarentino, because he loves what he does, he’s passionate about it, I love virtually everything he has done, but this one isn’t my favourite….but it might be yours!


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