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Demolition (No Spoiler review)

Davis seems to be devoid of all normal emotions that would manifest in someone who has just lost someone very close to them. Sensing that something was wrong, and remembering what his Father In Law told him once, he goes about dismantling his marraige to discover himself again.
Demolition is a film that you have to stick with, I enjoyed it. Although I can quite easily see how some would be put off by it. Davis’ actions after the death of his wife, could quite easily be seen as someone dealing with grief in a totally unsuspected way, I don’t see it that way. And without giving the game away, I think the story deals exceptionally well with a man who has lost himself in a life that he shouldn’t have been living.
Davis meets Karen (Naomi Watts) through a vending machine incident, and the two form an unlikely relationship, that enables them both to see life a little more clearly. Along with her son, She gives Davis an insight in to a life that he has never know, but one that allows him to be more of the man that he actually he is.
Demolition is a film about personal exploration, and the lengths that some people have to go to, to find themselves again. It’s not going to light up the carpet at the Oscars, but for me, it does a nice job of making you think about where you are right now.

3 and 1/2 sledge hammers out 5

Cert 15
101 Minutes

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