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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (No Spoiler Review)

When Zack Snyder released his version of Clark Kent/Superman on to the World, it was fair to say that his incarnation didn’t recieve the love that the studios were probably hoping for. Christopher Nolan had created a Batman that was both iconic and definitive of its time. And it seemed that Marvel had discovered a magic touch, by both creating characters that kids could love and Geeks could drool over! It did seem as though he was on a hiding to nothing.
He gave us a Superman, that we weren’t used to, and a lot of people didn’t like that. So, we now have Snyder’s Superman and to add to that, we have his Batman and Wonder Woman in the form of Gal Gadot.
Dawn of Justice sees Lex Luthor (Jessie Eisenberg) and Bruce Wayne seeking ways of keeping our Man of Steel in check, and when their efforts come to a spikey green point, (do you see what I did there? wink emoticon ) battle ensues in the form black mail, as Luthor tries to use his cunning to pit the two Superheroes against each other. Luthor is also responsible for releasing Doomsday in to the World, a character that fanboys will know well from his battles against the Son of Krypton.
The film introduces more characters, of what will eventually form The Justice League, you’ll have to watch to find out which ones wink emoticon
So to my verdict, I have to admit I’m extremely torn, on one showing, I liked Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, but not so much his Batman, but this had more to do with storyline, than his acting. And this follows for the rest of the film, individually, the characters, I think are sound, as with the casting choices, but, the film does feel as though it is rushing to keep up with Marvel, and they shouldn’t be doing that.
Justice League is due in 2017, and is filming now again Directed by Snyder. I fear that the World is going to feel the same way about this film, due to the speed of its coming. I hope I’m wrong!!

3 and 1/2 Meta Humans out of 5

Cert 12A
151 Minutes

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